2012 Olympic Event

Here’s the UKTeenTV report on the Surrey Heath Celebrates the Games event organised by the Surrey Heath Youth Council.

The aim of the event was to to bring the community together to celebrate the games and all for a good cause – to raise money for a local charity.  The chosen charity was Step By Step, a dedicated local charity who work to help the homeless.

The whole event planning was organised by the Surrey Heath Youth Council and was a great way of developing important skills such as planning, working within a strict time frame, connecting to local people, businesses and organisations.

The event took place at London Road Rec’ on Sunday the 22nd of July.  On the morning of the event there were clear blue skies and sunshine.  Many members of the local community attended to take part in all sorts of events including: a football game for all ages and abilities, a three-legged race, space hopper racing, playing on the bouncy castles and even an egg and spoon race.

The local radio station from Frimley Park Hospital attended and did a fantastic live broadcast for the day.  Local charity R-U-Able-2 had Bocciain the Arena Leisure Centre next to the park.

Bethany Lee, green space officer described the event as “fantastic, everyone seems to be having a really good time and I’m very impressed with the organisation of SHYC, couldn’t be better!”.  Rachel and Tracy from Step by Step commented “Not many people are aware of what we do and the event is a really good way to showcase out work.”


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