2015 Election Question Time

Surrey Heath candidates in the 2015 General Election kindly joined us for our Question Time event where they were asked to respond to the top issues for young people in Surrey Heath.

Huge thanks to Paul Deach and James for streaming the event live and the recording of that stream

2015 SHYC Election poll new

Some of the comments and “other option” input.


  • Education should be outstanding for all pupils no matter their abilities or background as long as they are motivated and they try
  • More available A-Levels.
  • More opportunities for students to learn new skills outside of school.
  • More random checks of teaching standards and improved teacher training and qualifications
  • Teaching issues that you might face later on in life e.g. How to mange your money
  • reducing costs of university fees
  • Tuition/University fees (x3)
  • Education in general (x3)
  • Young children aren’t given the opportunities they deserve, the education is forced upon them and they become uninterested in learning the fundamentals of getting qualifications. If we ask the children from a young age what career path they wish to follow, they can be taught the skills they need to know instead of time being wasted teaching them things that will not impact the career as a whole.
  • There is not enough opportunities for you people to show what they have to offer as they are being expected by parents and teachers to not be able to do anything then when it comes to end of year 11 being expected to be able to do everything.
  • There should also be more available A levels to take.
  • Our say in how our exams are run e.g not forcing us to do GCSE’s we don’t need to do
  • Longer school holidays- students are overworked and tired meaning less concentration in classes, therefore they do not achieve such good grades.
  • AS a young 15 year old in year 11 at school, I feel that we are highly lacking in education that is not GCSE related. For example, for us it is very ambiguous what is going on with politics, first aid training or general citizenship that affect us everyday because we are not taught enough of it at school. This is vital information that we are lacking that we inevitably need to know in later life when we become adults. Why is this not becoming a more essential part of education?
  • Ban private schools
  • I think teaching first aid to basically everyone would be a very valuable skill, and would definitely help out the NHS. (x2)

Sex and Relationship Education and Health

  • Including homosexuality in sex education.
  • More LGBTQ+ support for teenagers, inclusion of LGBT people in sex education in schools
  • Poor quality of sexual education in schools
  • More sex-ed because people don’t know anything about their own bodies. Also we should aim to unlearn ideas such as sexism and internalised racism (more specifically Islamophobia as I hear about this too much)
  • For many students the education system is their only form of healthy and reliable sexual education, yet unfortunately much of this is too little too late causing problems with all genders and sexualities. More teaching on consent, appropriate conduct, and safe sex for same sex couples as well as heterosexual couples – pregnancy is NOT the only risk teens face!!!!
  • I also believe that we need more support when it comes to bullying and have a stronger system in place.

Things to do

  • not enough fun things to do.
  • somewhere to go
  • there’s limited space to go during the day and weekends other then a tiny estate park and alleys.
  • surrey heath, especially Camberley is very boring and there is a minimal amount of things to do. I would hope for there to be more interesting and fun things to do for teenagers in the near future.
  • areas need to have more facilities for both young and older people.


  • The minimum wage
  • higher wages for young people
  • There needs to be more opportunities for part time employment, also lower the age to 15.
  • Make it more difficult for people to gain unemployment benefits. If they do not really have a good reason for their benefits they should have to take part in something to better the community


  • Young people smoking
  • Drug and smoking worries of youths
  • There should be more access to mental health services
  • I think it is important to raise awareness about special needs such as Dyspraxia and Dyslexia as well as raising awareness about mental health.
  • Access to all health services and NHS privatisation


  • anti-social behaviour
  • child abuse
  • Allow self-defence because it will keep people a lot safer.
  • Justice system
  • The risk of kidnappings and vulnerability would be reduced with self defence taught to kids and adults

Voting and politics

  • Voting is very important, I am almost sure that it won’t be the most popular on this survey because there isn’t any interesting way of presenting politics to young people. Sort it out please!
  • If you’re a few days away from being 18 at the time of voting, you should be able to vote.
  • I would really appreciate it if these actions [the issues in the poll] are acted upon
  • Decrease the voting age so that it gives younger people more control over their future.

Cost of living

  • the cost of living is, to put it nicely, bang out.
  • Prices of everything, especially buses and trains, are really high and unaffordable.
  • A student bus card – giving students cheaper fayres than adults (on services such as Arriva)
  • Free school meals for everyone (x2)
  • Bus number 2 is way to expensive, should run more times on Sunday so working class can go to work
  • immigrants taking our benefits


  • It is important to maintain our current views towards the environment and not cut future budgets.
  • Efficient homes – more solar panels and insulation would help battle climate change and also save people money.
  • Educating young people on the negative effects they can have on the environment is extremely important to me. Not enough young people understand how important sustainability and environmental conservation is.







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