going green

Dylan's Research on the Dairy Industry

SHYC member Dylan spent a month going Vegan and has now decided to stay Vegetarian. Here is the research he completed on the dairy industry that encouraged him to undertake this challenge.

The Impact of Transporting Food

We all know that climate change is being caused by carbon emissions and across the world there have been huge efforts to reduce them and try to prevent its effects.

Thinking Vegan

A couple of months ago, I went Vegan for two weeks. This eye-opening experience showed me how the world could change, for the better, if we all decided to stop eating meat, dairy and eggs as much to help our planet.

Vegan Switch-ups

Vegan Recipe Adaptions As part of our new ‘Going Green’ project, we are encouraging young people to help the planet (and themselves) by switching to these tasty vegan recipe adaptations.