The Surrey Heath Youth Council (SHYC) has a clear purpose:

  • To improve the Surrey Heath area for all young people
    • To find out and make people aware of the needs of young people in Surrey Heath and how these can be met
    • To be a voice of the young people of Surrey Heath and increase young people’s awareness and influence over issues which concern their lives
    • To promote a positive image of young people and to celebrate young people’s success
  • To help the community in whichever way we can, by incorporating our skills and utilising something we’re passionate about

That means SHYC has been or is involved in all sorts of projects including: getting money to improve Crabtree Skatepark, a litter pick, managing grants for young people, giving young people’s views of plans for Camberley and much more.

If you’re not sure what Surrey Heath is, its a Borough of Surrey and includes places like Bagshot, Bisley, Camberley, Chobham, Deepcut, Frimley, Frimley Green, Heatherside, Lightwater, Mytchett, Old Dean, Parkside, St Michaels, St Pauls, Watchetts, West End and Windlesham.

Our focus is on young people aged 11-18 years old.

SHYC is supported by The Eikon Charity who provide youth worker support.

SHYC is not a part of Surrey Heath Borough Council.  We are an independent group of young people and operate under The Eikon Charity which means we have the necessary support, insurance etc.


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